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Torrentz and the Pro Version – New Improvements

If you are here for the first time, you probably wonder what Torrentz is. If you have already been using the well-known torrent tracker Torrentz, you definitely want to learn more about the Torrentz Pro that was released late in 2011 in order to get maximum from the torrent engine. Basically, Torrentz is a huge P2P torrent search engine that works on a file sharing network where users share and download millions of files. Most popular ones are movies, music, games and software files. Downloading is free for users. Read more if you want to get familiar with the Pro version of Torrentz platform.

Torrentz Pro 2012 – Better Than Before

After several occasions where the Torrentz platform was out of order, the team started to make new improvements. When it was clear that the new version of Torrentz will never be the same as the usual old one, it was named Torrentz Pro which can be used only by becoming a member. In this way the platform will be more reliable and stable. Also, Torrentz can then provide three times higher speed for downloading. Actually, anyone can become a member, no restrictions there, but the whole Torrentz system is under better control. Privacy of the users is safe of course. You just have to sign up a simple form to become a member of the Torrentz Pro system. After becoming a member, downloading is free and unlimited. We are working on it daily to keep the torrents clean and in order. You can sign up to get your unique login details and taste the new Torrentz Pro of 300% faster download speed which is almost 7500 kb/s. Audio, video, games, applications, programs – everything is there!

More About Torrentz and Its Features

In today’s digital world, there is almost nothing that cannot be found on the internet. Many of us spend the majority of our days online using Torrentz, in some way or another. From using computers at the workplace to surfing the Torrentz files from our phones while waiting for the bus, we are always connected. We play our games online, get our music from the internet and do our shopping at online retailers as well. So it’s only natural that we look to online resources like Torrentz when we want to find new music, a software title that we are looking for, a new game we have been waiting to play or even a new movie that just came out on DVD. In addition to wanting to find these things quickly online, we generally do not really want to pay for them either. Fortunately, there are BitTorrent search engine websites like Torrentz that help us find what we are looking for quickly, easily, and most important of all, downloading is free for users.

How Torrentz Works

To understand how Torrentz works and what it searches for, you should know a little about BitTorrent. In simple terms, it is a way for people to transfer files to each other. It is good for large files and other kinds of data because you can be downloading a file from multiple people’s computers at the same time. This speeds up your Torrentz download time significantly, when compared to just downloading from a single computer. You are basically combining the upload bandwidth of multiple people’s internet connections in order to get a really quick download for yourself. So in addition to getting the movie, game or software you have been looking for, you do not have to wait very long for the file transfer to be complete. Another interesting thing about how Torrentz and the bittorrent work is that it lets you download your files in pieces. Normally, if you are downloading a single file, you can only get it from one computer and you have to wait for the whole chunk of data to finish transferring. With Torrentz, your files are separated into many different pieces, so you could be downloading different pieces of the same file from different people all over the world at the same time. That is how your Torrentz download speeds are increased while also reducing the amount of data each person has to upload.

While Torrentz lets you download from many people at once, it also lets you return the favor by being one of those people. If you have a file that someone else is looking for, you can upload it to Torrentz automatically, without even having to find them. Just like when you are downloading, you only upload small pieces of a file to each person who is downloading it from you. You can even be sharing the downloaded portions of files on Torrentz you are downloading at the same time. For example, if you have downloaded half of a movie, you could also be uploading parts of that half of the movie to others who are downloading it from Torrentz.

Torrentz in BitTorrent Transfers

Now that you know about how BitTorrent file sharing works, you can begin to understand what Torrentz really does when you use it as a search engine. In fact, Torrentz is a metasearch engine. That means that when you search for something on the website, it actually searches multiple other search engine websites and databases to find what you are looking for. Torrentz then shows you the results from all those other websites on one screen, so that it is convenient for you to browse through the search results and click on the website of your choice. The reason Torrentz was designed this way is that there are millions of torrent files out there to be downloaded and it is nearly impossible for anyone search engine to keep an updates index of all of them. So, the most efficient way of finding what you are looking for is to search on multiple search engines that may have different results in their index. But you do not want to go to 10 or 20 different search engines to find what you want, right? So you have a torrent tracker like Torrentz that does all that work for you. You only have to enter one place to search a large variety of sites at once. That’s generally what a metasearch engine does, and Torrentz is specialized to give you results specifically for torrent files.

Torrentz has been online since 2003, making it over 8 years old. It is the second most popular torrent file search engine, after The Pirate Bay, which is the most popular one. Torrentz is based in Finland. In terms of design, Torrentz takes a very simple approach to make the user experience a positive one. When you visit the Torrentz Pro website here, you will be able to find things fast. There are no ads and the signup form takes up to three minutes to become a member. When you search for something you are looking for, you will only see a couple sponsored links at the top of the page, but the rest of the page will be a very clean and user friendly list of search results showing you where you can find the software, music or other files you are searching for.

There have been some legal battles surrounding Torrentz and other search engines in the past few years. Because Torrentz is based in Finland, it is generally untouched by United States laws, but certain companies and governments still make an effort to bring down such websites because they do not want copyrighted material to be shared for free. Torrentz Pro has remained fairly unaffected by these attempts. You can get access here by becoming a member.

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